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Athletic Tracks

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Professional sprinter jumping over a hurdle

ABS Sports Fields have been designing and constructing Athletic Tracks in professional environments, as well as recreational for many years.

Surface types have changed over the years and ABS Sports Fields are always able to design and construct athletic tracks according to the latest technology and surface types. Having a large range of customers such as Athletic Clubs, Football Clubs, Councils, Private and Public Schools.

The time and effort expended by the ABS Sports Fields team to come up with the best quality construction base and surface finish is the key to the long term success of our projects.

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Athletics Track Dimensions as per the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries


In order to ensure equal conditions for all athletes, uniform facilities are necessary particularly since competitions are held in many different venues. Furthermore, the athletes need the same conditions for training that they will find in competition. The IAAF Track and Field Facilities Manual 2008 covers all design and construction requirements required for a successful athletics facility.  You can download this brochure from our downloads or click here.

At ABS Sports Fields our highly trained engineers will ensure that your facility meets these requirements at the time of a competition and continue to retain their characteristics in the long-term.  Synthetic surfaced athletics tracks represent a considerable financial investment and it is only natural that they should be put to the best possible use. This means that their use for training purposes should be actively encouraged.  To achieve a reasonable return on their investment, owners should expect the synthetic surface to last at least eight to ten years before requiring major repairs.

For all such systems, the compatibility of the raw material ingredients is of vital importance. All reputable manufacturers and installers of in-situ prepared surfacing systems should ensure by constant monitoring and sample testing that each component does not have an adverse effect on another forming part of the same surfacing product. It is advisable to have a consistent supply of each ingredient, and test data to confirm the performance of each combination.
Because the end properties of such systems are very dependent on the nature of the raw materials delivered to site, their mixing and laying, the operation of a comprehensive quality control scheme is a vital prerequisite to a satisfactory completed facility. All reputable installers willingly submit to independent quality monitoring by experienced test laboratories, and a number of the larger companies also operate their own “in-house” monitoring schemes.

Looking after your sports facility is essential to ensure quality performance for athletes, minimise potential for injury, appearance and long term durability. It is important to understand an appropriate disciplined maintenance regime must be established and performed to ensure your track is kept in top condition.

Download our maintenance guide for all you need to know about keeping your athletic facility in peak condition.